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Chinese translations of the Bible

If you can read Chinese, or if you’re now reading this blog via Google Translate, you’ll find five distinct terms appearing in the Chinese title of this blog, namely, the Bible, Chinese language, translation, Hong Kong and lawyer.

This blog is a place where my ‘secret’ diary is publisheda diary in which I write down my thought about Chinese translations of the Bible. Any comment on issues of translation in no way detracts from my gratefulness to the Bible translators who have worked sacrificially generation after generation to produce various Chinese versions that are discussed here.

The last two terms, Hong Kong and lawyer, indeed add very little to the theme. Im just telling you the fact that I’m a lawyer practising full-time in Hong Kong. That means I am not a pastor. I don’t claim to have even slight knowledge in theology, hermanutics, Hebrew or Greek, or even linguistics generally. I write this blog only after office hours. It’s just a place where my friends, like you, may chat with me and exchange views freely about the Bible and its translations.

As I focus on Chinese translations of the Bible, I’ve no immediate plan for translating the blog into English. Nevertheless, I welcome every opportunity to talk about issues concerning translation of the Bible to any language. I’d like to hear any comment, suggestion or criticism from any part of the world. Please feel free to write to me in either Chinese or English. I’d love to hear whatever you have to say. Just post your comment below, e-mail me: bibletranslationhk@gmail.com, or leave your message on my Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bible.Translation.HK.